Agepan DWD Protect NF


AGEPAN® DWD boards are permeable wall and roof boards manufactured in dry process with and without tongue and groove profiles.

Made of

AGEPAN® Wood Fiberboards consist of (dimensions

as % by mass):

  • Wood chips, approx. 90 %
  • Water, approx. 5­9 %
  • PMDI glue (polymer 4.4’ diphenyl methane
  • Diisocyanate), approx. 3.5 %
  • Paraffin wax emulsion, 0.5­3 %

Production Process

  • The manufacturing comprises the following steps:
  • Debarking the logs
  • Chipping the wood to chips of approximately size 3×3 cm 
  • Boiling the chips
  • Defibring in the refiner
  • Gluing the fibres with synthetic resin
  • Drying the fibres to an approximately residual moisture of 2­3 %
  • Scattering the glued fibred on a forming belt
  • Pressing the fibre mat in a continuous hot press under high pressure
  • Distributing the fibre strings among raw board formats
  • Cooling the raw boards in star coolers
  • Stacking
  • Sanding the top or underside after the air conditioning phase 


These water resistant and insulating fiberboards are used for reinforcement of timber frame

constructions as a stable panel and second water- bearing layer in roof and wall. 

Environmental impact

  • Emissions into air:

 Waste air generated during production is cleaned in accordance with regulatory specifications. Emissions are below the limit values

specified by the operation license of the site, specified according to the German law.

  • Emissions into water/soil: 

No contamination of water or soil. Waste water generated by production is treated and directed into the municipal sewage system following pre­purification. Sludge generated during water treatment is used in agriculture as a fertiliser. 

  • Carbon storage: 

At an average density of 384 kg/m3 stores 639 kg CO2­ eq/m3 over their service life.


According to current information, no damage to or impairment of health can be anticipated when AGEPAN® Wood Fiberboards are used as designated. VOC emissions at very low levels are basically composed of natural wood ingredients.