Anything Goes – Touch of Nature®


A fully biobased thermosetting resin combined with aesthetic fillers. The combination is self-leveling and can be used to make tabletops, counter-tops, floor tiles, etc.

Unique features:

  • 100% biobased
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% non persistent in the environment
  • Warm and resilient touch
  • Water resistantVersatile curing conditions (from room temperature to 120°C)

Truly circular material: from nature back to nature.

Raw Materials

100% derived from renewable feedstock

  • 100% plant-based resin derived from linseed oil
  • Cranberry seeds
  • Egg shells

All feedstock are sourced in Europe

Production process

  • Fillers are mixed into the resin
  • Crosslinker (2nd component) is gently mixed into the resin/filler mix
  • Final mix is poured in a mould and is self-leveling
  • Curing at room temperature (3-4 days) or 90°C (30 minutes)
  • When needed, a final polishing is possible• Used materials can be repaired, reprocessed into panels or returned to nature as organic soil improver


The material is used in furniture finishing and interior design. It’s suited for use in humid conditions.

Upcycling of agro- and food waste into aesthetic materials: when ‘waste’ becomes design. Anything Goes – Touch of Nature can have a lot of different natural fillers. Many colors and textures so the look and feel can fit all your Interior design projects

Environmental impact

This product is made entirely from renewable feedstock, of which >50% are co-products. Energy consumption for resin production and curing is low. This limits the total CO2 emission (even negative when using renewable energy sources). None of the components are toxic for humans, animals or the environment. The material is slowly assimilated by soil microorganisms (1-2 years) and is an effective organic soil improver.

Growth opportunities

This product brings a solution for aesthetic and fully natural furniture finishing and interior surfaces.

Still missing: although industrial production is technically possible, a suited factory is still missing. Therefore, the material is now only available for small projects.

Contact & info

Design Museum Ghent

Selection as part of DING (Design in Ghent), the new wing of Design Museum Ghent.