Bacteria Lamp

Jan Klinger

Bacteria are everywhere. There are actually ten times more bacteria than human cells on and in our bodies. Every living creature and every place on Earth has its own unique microbiological fingerprint. Jan Klingler uses this fingerprint to create his Bacteria Lamps, in a hybrid process of science, art and industrial design. He takes samples from people, places or things that are important to the client, cultivates them for 24-48 days, then seals them in resin to stop the growth and preserve them forever. This solidified fingerprint is then made into a unique lamp, giving the client a lasting memento of a special moment, captured in a lamp. 

Jan Klingler is an industrial designer who seeks to counterbalance our quick consumer society by making objects that have a strong and long-lasting bond with their owners.

This object is part of the Design by Nature collection of Museum de Fundatie. On this page you will find more information about this exhibition and you can visit it digitally via a video tour.