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The Bio Home natural bed combines the best, biobased materials for natural and ergonomic sleeping systems. The bed frame in solid poplar wood, sourced from a local privately owned forest, doesn’t contain any metal or plastic. The assembly is done using wood joints and wooden screws. The mattress, pillows, duvet and bed linen consist of 100% natural latex from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree) and plant fibers such as hemp and seagrass. Each of these materials absorbs CO2 from the air during its growth, is renewable and easy to grow without the use of toxic substances.

Raw materials

  • Bed frame: solid poplar wood sourced from our own forest in Heist-op-den-Berg, free of toxic substances. Produced in our wood workshop in Westerlo, without using any metal or plastic parts.
  • Mattress core: 100% natural latex from sap of the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis, with an intermediate layer of seagrass fibers. The natural latex is certified free of harmful substances and has earned the QUL label.
  • Mattress cover: both the cover and the filling of the mattress cover consist of 100% hemp fibers. 
  • Pillows: mixture of 100% natural latex flakes and Swiss pine shavings, in a cover of kbA organic cotton.
  • Duvet: 100% hemp fibers in a cover made of kbA organic cotton.
  • Bedding: 100% hemp fibers.
  • The natural latex comes from Sri Lanka, the hemp and seagrass fibers come from Europe, Mongolia and south-east China. 
  • The mattresses, duvets and pillows are assembled and finished by hand in Germany, by the manufacturer Dormiente.
  • Except for the zippers on the mattress and pillow covers, all parts are plant-based and therefore biobased.

The production process

Bed frame production process

  • The poplar trees were planted about 65 years ago. A few years ago, a number of trees were felled by a storm.
  • The tree trunks are cut to length and transported to a local sawmill to be sawn into planks. The bool planks are dried.
  • After drying, the planks come to our wood workshop, where they are maid into bed frame parts and treated with natural oil.
  • The bed is delivered to the customer and assembled.
  • A well-made, solid wood bed will last a lifetime. If it does become damaged or defective, it is still valuable enough to be repaired.

Mattress production process

  • Latex milk is extracted from Hevea trees in Sri Lanka. 
  • Sulphur and soaps are added to process the milk into a latex core by vulcanisation. 
  • The latex cores are shipped to the manufacturer in Germany, Dormiente, where the cores are cut to size and fitted with a mattress cover. All materials used are thoroughly tested for harmful substances.
  • The mattress is delivered to the customer via Bio Home. Old mattresses are taken to a Valumat homologated collector for recycling, e.g. as padding in the furniture industry or incorporated into sports mats.

Harmful and even toxic substances such as formaldehydes, VOCs and pesticides can accumulate in the home causing health problems. In a space where we spend as much time as the bedroom, it is therefore even more important to choose natural materials.


Bio Home supplies custom-made beds in solid wood with accompanying natural sleep systems to private customers in Belgium. The timeless designs fit all interior styles.

Environmental impact

  • Poplar is locally available and grows fast. One poplar tree absorbs 25 kg of CO2 per year.
  • The Bio Home workshop runs entirely on green electricity.
  • Solid wood furniture can last for generations and then be reused in the chipboard industry.
  • Natural latex production requires 6x less energy and emits 4x less CO2 than synthetic latex.
  • One natural latex mattress binds 75 kg of CO2! With this, you can run the washing machine 365 times.
  • Natural latex is not compostable but is recyclable. Seagrass and hemp fibres are compostable. Textiles are recyclable.
  • All materials used are grown responsibly, without toxic substances and with little or no watering.

Grownth opportunities

The production of natural latex from Hevea milk is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. The growing area of Hevea Brasiliensis is also limited to tropical regions. The supply of raw materials is therefore limited. To overcome this limitation, Dormiente developed the Nature Pure mattresses, in which a part of the natural latex is replaced by seagrass and hemp fibers. However, no other material is as permanently elastic as natural latex.

Also nice!

A Bio Home natural bed creates a healthier sleeping environment. The metal-free, solid wood bed is free of toxic substances and antistatic. The mattress core made of natural latex provides perfect body support due to its permanent elasticity. Natural latex is free of solvents, CFCs and carcinogenic chemicals. Seagrass and hemp fibers prevent house dust mites and fungi from nesting and provide better moisture regulation and ventilation. Seagrass contains minerals such as iodine, boron and silica that have numerous positive health effects, such as relief of mucous membranes and airways. The pleasant fragrance makes you dream of the beach and sea.

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