Studio Samira Boon


Studio Samira Boon所製作的摺疊黃麻牆,有50%原料來自阿姆斯特丹的咖啡廳和Zaanstreek咖啡烘焙廠所提黃麻咖啡袋組成,另外50%則是可生物降解塑料PLA纖維。


來自阿姆斯特丹的設計工作室Studio Samira Boon,專門開發可應用於建築的3D和互動紡織品。有著國際化和跨學科的團隊,他們堅信將藝術、科學和技術相結合,可以帶來新的創見激發創新。憑藉這理念,他們顛覆了現代對設計和建築的認知。他們稱自己為紡織建築師,織造動態環境。他們所製作具適應性和互動性的結構,增強了空間、聲學、氣候和能源的使用和體驗。與客戶合作,他們設計並創作特定場地的紡織解決方案。獲著大型商業機構注資,他們不僅開發新概念,並與研究機構攜手研究,推動3D結構和可持續紡織品的技術創新。



BioFold is made of textile waste and biobased plastics. The combination of origami and digital production techniques gives the material – besides the esthetics – important functional characteristics, such as carrying capacity, flexibility, and acoustic qualities. The jute walls consist of 50% jute coffee bags from coffee roasters in Amsterdam and the Zaanstreek. The other 50% are PLA fibers, a biodegradable plastic. The jute coffee bags, in which the coffee came to the Netherlands, are fiberized and mixed with PLA fiber into mats, using ‘needle punching techniques’. With heat and pressure, the mats are processed into flat sheets. Using origami techniques and digital production techniques, Studio Samira Boon transforms the flat sheet material until it finally has these beautiful shapes. The Biofold product is biobased, waste based, and recycleable. After several cycles of recycling the Biofold product has over its whole lifecycle not only a low environmental impact but even a negative environmental impact.

About Studio Samira Boon

Studio Samira Boon, located in Amsterdam, is a design studio where 3D and interactive textiles are developed and applied on an architectural scale. With their international and interdisciplinary team they believe that combining art, science, and technology leads to new insights and stimulates innovation. In this way they challenge the contemporary perception of design and architecture. They call themselves textiles architects creating dynamic environments. Their adaptive and interactive structures enhance the use and experience of spaces, acoustics, climate, and energy. In collaboration with clients, they design and produce site-specific textile solutions. Commissioned by renowned companies, they develop concepts, and together with research institutes, they investigate technical innovations for 3D structures and sustainable textiles.