Biolaminate based on cattail






HuisVeendam develops products based on natural local fibers and starch. Hereby presented a biolaminate tabletop. A main ingredient of this tabletop is cattail, also known as the ‘cigar plant’. This plant has a cleansing effect on the soil. Nature is embraced here by looking at which forces are present. The technology of modifying starch is applied for upgrading waste resources, replacing synthetics and enhancing local plant fibers. The impact on the environment is reduced by, among other things, using local materials and recycling. In addition, the CO₂ released during the production processes is compensated by working with materials that absorb and store CO₂, such as cattail. The designs they generate are presented in the collection of HuisVeendam and are exemplary of how design can speed up the innovation process and lead the way in sustainable change.

About HuisVeendam

The rural riches in the North of Holland evaporated with the arrival of oil. A long tradition of natural fiber and potato starch technology disappeared. With the scarcity of oil nearby, the remarkable properties of starch are rediscovered and modified to offer sustainable solutions. HuisVeendam aims to show that this local resource once more can drive industry, create local wealth, and inspire designers to implement it in design and fashion.