Blessed Glaze


貝殼除了是軟體動物遺棄的骨骼,更是它們曾經的家。當中高密度的碳酸鈣保護軟體動物柔軟的身軀免受捕食者傷害,也為它們提供安全舒適的棲息空間。然而,在城市環境中,貝殼甚少被視為一種可持續發展的物料,反而經常被視為沒價值的廚餘。在這項目中,我們與倫敦比林斯蓋特海鮮市場的海鮮供應商合作,收集廢棄的貝殼進行升級再造,旨在重新定義貝殼的物料價值。貝殼含有豐富的碳酸鈣,高溫加熱後會變成純凈的氧化鈣。在陶瓷結構中,氧化物是一種珍貴的釉料,能與其他化學物質產生反應,生成各種視覺效果。在「Blessed Glaze」中,貝殼成為主要的釉料,以保護釉的方式,守護我們日常生活中使用的陶瓷器具。


Moprharamics希望向更廣泛的受眾推廣具可持續性的陶瓷,並在當前氣候變化下培養岀對環境友善的物料文化。工作室由Liv Tsim和 Ho Lai合作成立,她們分別在倫敦中央聖馬丁學院及皇家藝術學院接受了生物設計、陶瓷和玻璃的研究生培訓。


Seashells are abandoned exoskeletons, the former homes of mollusks. The high density of calcium carbonate in shells protects the soft bodies of mollusks from predators and provides them with a safe and cozy habitat. However, in urban settings, instead of being recognized as a sustainable material, seashells are often considered as food waste. In this project, our studio collaborated with seafood suppliers at Billingsgate Fish Market in London and collected unwanted seashells for upcycling, with the aim of redefining its material value. Shells consist of rich calcium carbonate, and through heating the material it transforms into pure calcium oxide. In ceramics, oxide is a valuable glaze material capable of reacting with other chemicals, resulting in a wide range of visual effects. Seashells in “Blessed Glaze” are used as one of the glaze materials, transformed into a new protective glaze that takes care of ceramics in our daily lives.

About Morphramics

Morphramics is a London based design and material research studio, devoted to innovate biomaterial and craftsmanship in the formulation of ceramics. Our team is passionate about catalyzing biological substances, urban waste systems and low-pollutant methodology, in pursuit of creating accessible ceramics with sustainable materials and experimental aesthetics. Based on specific material sourcing and profound sustainability research, we narrate the backgrounds and stories of every elements in our design. Focusing on in-depth experimentation of biological properties in materials, we transform it via traditional craftsmanship and scientific findings. Moprharamics envisions to promote sustainable ceramics to wider audience groups and cultivate material literacy of sustainability under current climate emergency. The studio is a collaboration of Liv Tsim and Ho Lai, formed partnership after receiving postgraduate training in biodesign, and ceramics and glass at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art respectively.