Circular Matters

The Circular Matters Panel is 100% bio-circular. This means that the material can be made entirely from biobased feedstock (the vast majority of which are side streams), the material is also completely biodegradable and fully recyclable. The material can be compared to HPL and hardwood in terms of technical and processing properties: hard and sturdy but processable with standard woodworking machines. A point to improve is the water resistance: right now it’s only meant for indoors. Another thing we work on are the colors: at this moment we offer only a limited amount of colors, because of the lack of suitable biodegradable pigments. 

Your kitchen cabinet should last decades, but not hundreds of years, right? Then why put resins in it that can last an eternity?

Made of

100% of the raw materials of a Circular Matters Panel are plantbased, like i.a. brewers’ grains and reed. All feedstock come from the Netherlands and Belgium.  


The Circular Matters Panels are mainly used in interior finishing at this moment. For example as wall panels, in stores like Bio-Planet and Circuit. Or as fronts of cabinets, as in The Exploded View Beyond Building. In addition, some manufacturing companies are developing products made from the panels, which will be launched in the course of 2022.

Environmental impact

The Circular Matters Panel is completely compostable in nature, leaving no microplastics or not-natural substances behind.

Good to know

The panel is colored completely in the core, rather than just a thin layer of wood as with most traditional panels. This allows you to use it immediately after sawing, without the need for edge banding. In addition, the material is naturally fire resistant.


Design Museum Gent

Selection as part of DING (Design in Ghent), the new wing of Design Museum Ghent.