Common Sands Forite Tiles

Studio Plastique / Snøhetta / Fornace Brioni

Common Sands is a collection of recycled glass tiles made from the glass components found in discarded ovens and microwave ovens. A prototype project to address both silica scarcity and growing volumes of electronic waste, Common Sands tiles are developed in a collaboration between Studio Plastique, Snøhetta and Fornace Brioni as the result of more than 3 years of research and experimentation. With the aim of creating sustainable, smart and refined architectural products, the project creates new value for an abundant yet unexploited group of materials.

Raw Material

100% E-Waste Glass. Glass from discarded microwaves and ovens.

Environmental impact

  • The main ingredient for glass is sand 
  • Sand is too cheap, too abundant, and too difficult to recycle. However, this
    understanding stands in strong contrast to the geopolitical context of carbon-heavy sand mining, which is marked by both material scarcity and ecological disaster. 
  • The recycling of WEEE glass (such as many types of glass) can reduce the need for energy resources up to 30% (UN, CTCN).

In the EU, we have achieved an average of 75% for the recycling of packaging glass (bottles, jars, etc.) However for the recycling of glass from e-waste (which amounts to more than 3,3 million t/year) the rate is between 0-1%.

Also nice!

A hygienic surface finish

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Selection as part of DING (Design in Ghent), the new wing of Design Museum Ghent.