Denim tent fabric

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Progressive collaborations between different sectors can lead to innovative circulair solutions. This is proven by Blue Camp and tent fabric producer Ten Cate. Using worn out jeans, they make tent fabric. Instead of the usual amount of cotton, this canvas contains – depending on the size of the tent – 5 to 8 pairs of jeans. That’s 25% of all fabric needed to produce one tent, and a big step in upcycling the huge pile of outworn jeans.

The denim fabric is made of:

  • 25% Jeans dust from different suppliers in the textile industry
  • 25% Recycled Polyester
  • 25% Cotton
  • 25% Polyester

The production process

  • Recycled jeans and polyester are cleaned and shredded, after which they are made into fibers.
  • Together with the traditionally processed cotton and polyester the recycled fibers are spun into yarn.
  • The yarn is woven into big surfaces and finally to custom made tent fabrics.

50% of this tent is made from waste streams


Tent cloth, blinds, outdoor accessories and textile.

Denim Tent

Environmental impact

  • 50% of this made of waste streams
  • Some of the required raw materials are imported from close by such as Germany. Others are shipped from farther away. Namely South-Korea and the United States.

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