Ecoboard International BV

ECOBoards標準板由天然纖維製成,是可應用於建築和房屋翻新以及傢俱製造的可持續綠色解決方案。這些板材由農業纖維、秸稈和蘆葦等收成的副產品製成,而這些副產品若不加以善用, 往往只被視為廢物燒掉處理,白白浪費。僅需3-5%的添加劑,農業廢物就可以與纖維素纖維的天然木質素結合,無需甲醛或其他揮發性有機化合物,成就ECO-Boards實現-0.98kg的負碳足印。這些板材可以儲存或吸收相當於其重量的二氧化碳,創建一個環保創新引領的循環生物基經濟。當用於生物基建築和傢俱時,它們還可以繼續吸收二氧化碳,進一步減少我們的碳足印。

ECOBoard International B.V.是一家成立不久的公司,致力於供應高成本效益的農作品和設備,以大量生產高質量的顆粒板板材/蔗渣板。藉由善用一般被視為廢物的原材料,和改造升級已有技術—生態無害粘合系統,ECOBoard生產過程材並沒有使用尿素甲醛樹脂粘合劑,因而不會造成有害甲醛排放。



ECOBoards standard panels made of natural fibers represent a sustainable and green solution, which can be applied in the construction of buildings and house renovation as well as the manufacturing of furniture. These boards are made of agricultural fibres, residue or by-products from harvests, a product that is usually burned as a waste problem. Such as straw or reed. Agricultural waste is bonded together with the natural lignin of the cellulose fibers with only 3-5% additive without formaldehyde or other VOCs. ECO-Boards have a negative Co2 footprint of minus – 0.98 kg, so they store or capture Co2 approximately their own weight. They contribute to creating a circular biobased economy by combining environmentally friendly innovations and having a major impact on our carbon footprint by storing Co2 in healthy biobased buildings & furnitures.

About Ecoboard International BV

ECOBoard International B.V. is a young company that was established to supply cost effective plants and equipment to enable the production of high quality particleboard panels in commercial quantities. By utilizing materials normally regarded as waste and to further expand an established technology, in particular using ecologically sound bonding system, thereby totally eliminating Urea Formaldehyde™ harmful emissions.