Eurabo is a distributor of bio-ecological insulation materials and construction wood from responsible managed forests. The entire Belgian market and the south of the Netherlands are supplied from the main branch in Ronse.
Eurabo has a technical-drawing-office and beam processing center to deliver ready-made construction kits. You can also contact Eurabo for training and webinars about energy-efficient renovation and wood construction.


The choice for renewable raw materials and striving for closed cycles is very logical in a circular construction world. The availability of certified wood will therefore remain guaranteed, so that the share of wood construction will automatically increase in the future.
In addition, it is easy to design detachable connections in wood. For example, Eurabo uses its own beam processing center to mill wood joints such as dovetails for wooden gratings.
Wood construction can also contribute to CO2 capture in terms of CO2 emissions, provided we opt for wood from responsible forest management. Timber construction itself ensures the existence of many European forests due to their economic value.

Circularity starts with design

Sustainable construction already starts in the concept phase. As a trade in building materials, Eurabo is already involved in their customers’ projects at an early stage, as they also provide planning advice, calculations and the preparation of production drawings. This makes it possible to introduce circular building systems in the design phase. For example, you can opt for innovative constructions such as floor insulation with glass foam granules or bare cork as a facade finish.
If a wooden post-and-beam system is opted for, a free interpretation of the building shell is a possibility in the future and, consequently, a change in function of the building.
Circular construction therefore goes further than just choosing circular materials, which is why Eurabo is happy to be involved in the design phase to optimize the concept and construction details.