Fruitleather Rotterdam

Fruit waste flows are repurposed by processing them into new and usable material. This leather-like material is made out of the pulp of discarded mangoes that are intercepted after import at the Rotterdam harbour. Fruitleather can be used in the manufacture of garments, accessories and upholstery.

From fruit waste to fruitfull design

Made from

Fruitleather is made from fruit that is thrown a way at the harbour of Rotterdam. This piece is made from mango.

Production process

  • The unsuitable mangoes are intercepted in the port of Rotterdam
  • Then they are processed into a pulp
  • With the help of additives, the pulp is transformed into a leather like plate


At the moment, Fruit leather mainly used in clothes, accessories and upholstery.

Environmental impact

  • The use of unconsumed mangoes reduces food waste
  • Fruit leather offers an alternative to the polluting leather industry

Growth opportunities

At the moment Fruitleather can produce 80m2 of leather per month. The production is still small and everything is made by hand, which makes it a relatively expensive product. Investments are needed to enable possibilities to scale up.

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