Gramitherm Europe sa

Gramitherm® are insulation boards based on grass fiber. In the process, grass is used as raw material without creating waste.

Grass insulation panels consist of no less than 92% of biobased material and are currently the most environmentally friendly solution for insulating buildings.

Made of

  •  Grass fibers
  •  Jute
  •  Binding fibers

Production process

  • Grass that is not used as animal feed is currently a by-product. 
  • After mowing ‘waste’ grass,  the grass juice gets separated from the fibre. 
  • The liquid is used as a biogas energy booster to dry and process the fiber. 
  • The flexible insulation panels are made by means of Airlay technology. 


For all applications in construction and renovation such as floor-, wall- and roof insulation.

Environmental impact

  • Grass is an abundant and rapidly renewable material. 
  • Grass absorbs a large amount of CO2.
  • With the sustainable production process Gramitherm is able to create a carbon negative insulation mat (one kg gramitherm absorbs 1.5 kg CO2).


  • Air quality (A+)
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Sound absorption
  • Moisture regulation
  • Non-irritating to the skin
  • Resistant to mold growth