Lemix / Claytec


Lemix clay construction board is a good replacement for the plasterboard.

Some advantages of the material:

– Moisture regulating

– Neutralizes harmful substances from the air

– Very good acoustic damping

– Non-combustible

– Vapor open

– Prevents mold formation

– Naturally pure product (natureplus certified)

– Easily recyclable or compostable

– High heat accumulating capacity

Ekoplus Bouwstoffen BV is a wholesaler specialized in ecological building products. Realizing a healthier living and working environment is becoming increasingly important within current building practice, and the application possibilities have expanded enormously. They supply a wide range of sustainable building materials of high quality to customers in the Benelux.

Specialized in loam and lime, you will find a wide range of plasters, which have been specifically developed to contribute to a healthy living environment.