Marmoleum, Boring collection

Forbo Flooring Systems

Marmoleum is sustainable flooring and is made from 97% natural materials, 72% of which is quickly renewable and 43% consists of recycled content. Jute and flax are annual crops that are harvested just like wheat and corn. The extraction of resin is a continuous process, while the wood flour, a waste product of the wood industry, comes from European production forests. Limestone is available in abundance. These simple, natural ingredients together form the linoleum.

This floor covering doesn’t give bacteria a chance to grow.

Made from

  • Linseed oil from flax flowers
  • Pine resin
  • Limestone
  • Wood flour
  • Chalk
  • Jute

Production Process

  • Linseed oil from flax flowers is the main ingredient of Linoleum.
  • Resin from pine trees, limestone, wood and residual waste from the saw industry is added to this.
  • This is pressed onto a jute carrier.
  • Raw materials are purchased worldwide, but in order to keep the impact on the environment low, the raw materials are purchased as close as possible to the factories.

Read more about the production process (PDF toevoegen Forbo production process)


Linoleum is a hard floor covering that has been proven in residential, public sector and commercial buildings for over 150 years. Linoleum is often used in the education, care and office segments. Linoleum found its way into an incredible number of buildings around the world. Such as in the dining room of the infamous Alcatraz prison, in the elegant dining room of the White House, in the Kremlin, the German Reichstag and in Buckingham Palace. It could and still can be found in the Anne Frank House (1938), at the French Sorbonne and in the Curie Institute.

Environmental impact

  • Marmoleum is made from natural, rapidly renewable raw materials.
  • It is unique because it stores CO2 in the product itself.
  • Due to the photosynthesis that takes place in all plants, a CO2 absorption is realized that is greater than the CO2 emissions caused by transport and production processing. That is why Marmoleum is CO2 neutral from cradle to gate.

Growth opportunity

There is still an incredible amount of potential in this most durable floor covering. Forbo does a lot of research into making the current recipe more sustainable, the circularity and modularity of this product. After 150 years, this product is still being developed and Forbo expects to continue this.


Marmoleum is naturally bacteriostatic. The floor covering doesn’t give bacteria a chance to grow. Ideal in allergy-free environments such as schools, hospitals, offices and at home.