Museo della merda

This tableware resembles terracotta in appearance, but it is not. This ceramic is made of cow dung and clay. The idea arose when farmer Gianantonio Locatelli in northern Italy realized that his 2,500 cows produced about 100,000 kilos of manure and started the Merdacotta project together with architect and designer Luca Cipolletti.

Merdacotta is Italian for “baked poo” and consists of cow dung, Tuscan clay and straw in varying amounts depending on the application. Methane and urea have been removed from the manure during the processing so that it is odorless. The baking process and the unleaded glaze make this tableware suitable for eating and drinking.

This object is part of the Design by Nature collection of Museum de Fundatie. On this page you will find more information about this exhibition and you can visit it digitally via a video tour.