Nabasco®由多種副產物組成:來自自然保護區和水務機構的蘆葦纖維(現在主要是堆肥或焚燒)、來自污水處理廠污泥中的再生廁紙的纖維(Recell®)、飲用水公司的軟化石灰(副產物)以及由生物柴油生產的副產物製成的半生物基樹脂。這些材料被混合成一種粉團,然後在 140℃ 的溫度下熱壓製成指定的產品。在製件過程中,添加了不同比例的藍綠藻和天然靛藍,以達致不同的色彩效果。以蘆葦纖維所製的瓷磚,和再生紙纖維所製的版本,在質地上分別甚為明顯,因為蘆葦纖維在瓷磚表面上相對清晰可見。這次展示的瓷磚是為「The Exploded View Beyond Building」特別製作的,但之所以是特別製,僅是因這次瓷磚的顏色、設計和纖維運用皆非平常 。但Nabasco®本質上是標準產品線的一個典型代表。 Nabasco® 8010已廣泛應用於建築和施工(模塊化設計外牆、水務工程)、信號、街頭傢俱、運輸和工業設計。




This material consists of various residual flows: reed fibers from nature reserves and from the water authorities (now mostly composted or incinerated), cellulose fibers from recycled toilet paper that is recovered at water treatment plants from sewage sludge (Recell®), softening lime (a by-product) from drinking water companies and a partially biobased resin made from residual materials from biodiesel production. These materials are mixed into a kind of dough, then pressed at 140℃ degrees to the desired product. Blue-green algae and natural indigo have been added in different proportions for different color shades. Tiles with reed fibers are distinguished from tiles with cellulose fibers in the texture, where the reed fibers are more visible on the surface. These tiles are specially made for The Exploded View Beyond Building. These are special because of their color, design and the use of cellulose. It is an exponent of the standard product line. Nabasco® 8010 is used in building and construction (modular design facades, waterworks), signaling, street furniture, mobility and industrial design.

About NPSP

NPSP develops and supplies innovative environmentally friendly composite materials and products for public spaces, construction, design and mobility. They use bio-based and circular raw materials as much as possible, which can be reused after a long lifespan. Together with their partners, they realize beautiful solutions in bio-based composites and use high-tech production technology for everyday applications in natural fiber-reinforced plastics. They want to play a leading role in making our society more sustainable by demonstrably reducing the environmental impact and providing expert advice.