The pan-terre panels are made of recycled natural waste material. The water and dust generated during the process is recycled and re-used in the production process. The waste generated when cutting the panels is going straight back in the pulper.

Raw Materials

50% cellulose / 50% flax , cellulose from paper and cardboard, flax litter

The production process

  • The supply of cellulose and flax to the pulper
  • the extraction of water from the pulp in de press machine
  • drying process in the oven (5h at 250°)
  • sanding the panels in the sand machine 
  • cutting the panels 
  • gluing the complexes. Osb or plaster panels are glued on the pan-terre nature panels. 
  • The pan-terre nature panels can be recycled when not glued to a complex.


The panels are used for acoustic insulation of residences. Often they are applied in renovation projects for retaining walls, partitions, acoustic ceilings and acoustic floors.

Very often the panels are used in combination with plaster panels for a retaining wall in order to obtain consistent noise reduction between two residents with common walls.

Environmental impact

  • The pan-terre panels are a zero waste product and minimal use of grey energy is consumed in the production.
  • The composition of the pan-terre panels is made of recycled waste.
  • Glues that are used are without formaldehyde.

Also nice!

The panel has a very high density, is lightweight and is very resistant to compression. In combination with other panels such as plaster or wood, they give excellent results in noise canceling.

Growth Opportunities

The growth possibilities mainly are enlarging the distribution and getting the product more familiar in the flanders. Our goal is to get our product via the government’s sustainable tenders to a large public.

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