Prototype RietGoed

Iris Veentjer

RietGoed旨在研究實驗,探索以香蒲(水蠟燭 )作為原料製作紗線並成為紡織品基礎的可能性。


Iris Veentjer希望研發香蒲製成紡織品,並已開始獨立開發可從香蒲中提取纖維的機器。敢於開創是締造好創意的必要條件,而下一步則是不斷改進這生產過程,這需要整個生產鏈各部份的參與。她希望在未來幾年內與農民、處理者、生產者和其他設計師共同開展一個新的生產鏈,而不只是創造一個具美感的產品。她希望為有關氣候變化的討論作出貢獻,啟發推動連鎖效應,將現行生產模式進化成循環再生模式。

Studio i Focus是Iris Veentjer所創辦的設計工作室。Iris畢業於鹿特丹的Willem de Kooning Academy,主修室內建築。她曾以自由職業者參與多個公司和機構的項目,同時自發設計項目。自2018年以來,Iris致力開發不同產品,以促進再生世界。這些項目提高了社會和環境問題意識。藉由創造創新的替代方案,她希望改變人們的觀點和體制,設計出不僅具備美感,更可為有關可持續性、氣候變化、社會意識和再生工作的社會討論作出貢獻的產品。



RietGoed depicts research into the possibility of making yarn from cattail (the reed cigar) as a basis for textiles. In agriculture, artificial groundwater levels cause soil subsidence and greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, in the Netherlands a lot of attention is being paid in to adapting conventional agricultural crops to crops that thrive in wet soil. Cattail is such a crop. It is therefore valuable to investigate and imagine how this raw material can be applied. Iris Veentjer develops the idea of making textiles from cattails. To this end, she has taken steps to independently develop machines for obtaining fibers from the plant. Pioneering is necessary to take a good idea further. The next step is to optimize the process. The entire chain is required for this. The ambition is to work on starting up a total chain with farmers, processors, producers and other designers in the coming years. In this way, Iris not only creates a beautiful product, but also contributes to discussions about climate change and activates the entire chain in the transition to a regenerative way of working and living together.

About Iris Veentjer

Studio i Focus is the design studio of Iris Veentjer. Iris graduated as an interior architect from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She is involved in freelance projects for various companies and institutions and works on self-initiated design projects. Since 2018, Iris has been developing products that can contribute to a regenerative world. The projects increase awareness of social and environmental problems. By creating innovative alternatives, she hopes to change perspectives and systems. With her projects she hopes to not only offer a beautiful product, but above all to contribute to the social discussion about sustainability, climate change, social awareness and regenerative working.