Rattan table

Studio RYTE


Studio RYTE(發音為「right」)是一家香港設計工作室,由一群充滿激情、創新和活力的建築師和產品設計師組成。跨界別設計團隊活用科技與工藝,重新定義日常都市器物,物料和空間。並深信理想的設計,需要貫徹理解器物的本身,和其所在的場景,所以不受界線限制,游走空間和器物的設計,為客戶創作出最理想的方案,締造完善的設計。

除建築和室內設計,我們更開展了不同Kickstarter項目,並在米蘭 SaloneSatellite 展覽上展出其傢俱系列。作品廣受Dezeen、DesignMilk、Core77、Gizmodo、Notcot、SCMP、Perspective等多家知名媒體的報道。Studio RYTE超越傳統,通過跨行業對話協作,創造出強大的設計。實驗每個細節,探索新的製作方式,同時檢驗不同的空間條件,塑造獨特的用戶體驗。



A table that you cannot hide
Made of rattan and solid ash, the delicate repetitive pattern creates a sense of transparency and lightness, hiding objects that are stowed away underneath the tabletop. The rattan cover can be separated and used as a tray. With the same body, the wooden table top can be removed and become a nice unit for storage. The rattan table will be a contemporary center piece with a hint of retro that adds texture to your living room.

About Studio RYTE

Studio RYTE is an energetic and innovative design studio comprised of agile and passionate inventors, architects, designers and engineers. The multi-disciplinary design team harnesses technology and craftsmanship to redefine mundane urban objects, materials and space. We believe that sensible designs require a thorough understanding of the context and the subject. Our team navigates across spatial and object design fields to provide the optimum solution for clients looking for a comprehensive design. Besides architectural exterior façade and interior spatial design, we have worked on several Kickstarter campaigns and exhibited our furniture series in SaloneSatellite, Milan. Our works have been widely covered by Dezeen, DesignMilk, Core77, Gizmodo, Notcot, SCMP, Perspective , Yahoo and more. At Studio RYTE, we work beyond silos. We generate powerful designs through interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations. We experiment with details, explore novel ways of fabrication as well as test out different spatial qualities to create a unique user experience.