Smartply OSB3 FSC


The smartply OSB3 FSC is used as a structural pressure-distributing, stable and extensible construction board for roof, floors or walls. It is composed of 92% FSC-certified softwood chips derived from thinning wood from sustainably managed forests, and glued formaldehyde-free. This straight-board OSB3 board is screwed to the latticework and can be easily disassembled or replaced. The grade OSB3 refers to application for loaded structures in damp conditions. Practical blower-door tests have also shown the SmartPly OSB3 boards to be particularly airtight.

Made from

  • 92% FSC-certified softwood chips from thinning wood
  • 3.1% adhesive components (formaldehyde free!)
  • 4.1% water and
  • 1% variable additives

All wood comes from FSC-certified forests in Ireland.

OSB approaches similar qualities as plywood (MTX), but at a lower cost. Certain characteristics even give it an edge over veneer boards, such as, for example, its uniformity, the absence of knots, glue and form stability.

Production process

  • Forestry trimmings of FSC-certified small diameter softwood logs (every 5-8 years), transport to production site.
  • Production phase: debarking, washing and chipping, drying and glue addition, orientation of chips for (hot) continuous rolling press, trimming and profiling, packaging and transport to market.
  • On-site processing by building constructors.
  • Collection for circular application, recycling or energetic biomass valorization.


The intended use of the SMARTPLY OSB panels is in the construction industry in structural
and non-structural applications, such as flooring, roofing, walling, timber-frame sheathing,
temporary works and external hoarding.

Environmental impact

The energy for the production of smartply OSB comes largely from energetic
valorization of bark particles. The OSB boards capture a significant amount of CO 2
(production of 1m³ softwood = 800 kg CO 2 capture ).

The board is 100% recyclable and free of harmful substances. Smartply OSB is formaldehyde-free glued (+/- 3.1% glue). Smartply has an active reforestation program and its own tree nurseries. Wood is the only building material that is regrowable, sequesters CO 2 and literally releases oxygen during its growth

Growth opportunities

Smartply aims to achieve a carbon-neutral production process. Active collection options for
recycling OSB board material are to be further developed.

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