Textile insulation

VRK Isolatie

Your worn out jeans don’t necessarily have to end up as a cleaning cloth. Cotton naturally has excellent insulating properties, which is why Metisse uses the cotton from discarded jeans for the production of high-quality insulation material. Within a month, old jeans are converted into a material that can be used in construction, and which can be recycled after use.

Métisse insulation is made from

  • 90% Old jeans (at least 80% cotton)
  • Fire and fungal resistant agents

Cotton clothing keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, these qualities are just as useful for a home. In other words, a smart residual flow.


  • VRK insulation collects worn-out jeans.
  • The old textile is then ground into fibers.
  • Various substances are added to the fibers. For example, fire and mold resistant agents as well as a binding agent.
  • This mixture is pressed into panels, strips or any other desired shape for insulation material.
  • After use, the material can be completely recycled


Métisse insulation can be applied on a large scale. It is used in both renovations and new construction. This is done in the usual way for insulation material. However, it is not possible to incorporate it in a flat roof construction.

Environmental impact

  • The material is made with almost no new materials
  • It’s very long-lasting, more than 75 years
  • After use, the material can be recycled according to the previously followed production process

Growth opportunities

Conventional insulation materials can sometimes be marketed at a very low price. It is therefore difficult to compete as a relative newcomer with an average higher price. When we value recycled and environmentally friendly products better than lower-priced but polluting products, it will become an easier choice for consumers and contractors.

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