Tree Table / Endless Vase

Blast studio

Blast Studio makes art and architecture using urban waste, living organisms and current technology. The work is designed for people, made by robots and taken over by fungi. They let mycelium convert coffee grounds collected from London cafés into living biological material, which they then use to make organically shaped artworks. As soon as a piece comes out of the 3D printer, it is taken over by the organisms that emerge from the mycelium, which change the shape and create unpredictable colours and forms. The living mycelium literally takes the over the form that the designers of Studio Blast devised, and adds to the aesthetic composition of their work. 

Biological Laboratory of Architecture and Sensitive Technologies (BLAST) is a group of designers with a common goal: to explore the potential connections between new technologies and living things, in order to develop new artistic and architectural making processes using digital design and digital tools.

This object is part of the Design by Nature collection of Museum de Fundatie. On this page you will find more information about this exhibition and you can visit it digitally via a video tour.