Funghi & Bacteria

If we tell you ‘we build with mould’, chances are your face will turn in horror. But fungi have been the building blocks of nature for millennia and can be invaluable to us too.

Fungi come in many shapes and sizes and form gigantic indispensable networks in the soil. They contribute to the growth of plants and trees and optimize agriculture and horticulture. The qualities of fungi are now also seen by the building industry. Logical, they grow super fast, are light as a feather, water resistant, fire retardant, sound dampening, sometimes even self-healing and they can be completely composted after use. Here we show both fungi in the form of coating and various applications of mycelium.


Bacteria account for 60% of the total mass of living matter on the planet. They have been here since the very beginning, and they are vital for everything that lives. Each bacterium has its own specific functions, and those functions can also be very useful for building houses or making clothes or everyday objects.