Marijke Jans - Buro Kade

De Kaffa interior objects are made from spent coffee grounds, a well known waste stream from our daily life. This collection is made for interior use and are an alternative on interior design objects
based on fossil fuels. The objects are biodegradable and so not suitable for exterior use.

A Belgian consumes 800 cups of coffee on average per year. This results in 67 million kg dry spent coffee grounds a year.

During the process of brewing, only 1% of all useful particles of the raw material is used, so 99% is currently considered waste.

Kaffa is made of:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Biocomponent binder

100% circular and biodegradable

The production process

  • The coffee grounds are collected and dried.
  • After mixing with the biological binder the fresh material is pressed into a reusable mold.
  • After drying and curing the object is ready to be finished.


Kaffa is a collection of finished objects in interior design. Varying from lighting to seating and

Environmental impact

  • Each kg of coffee grounds that we can save from waste saves 775 gr of CO2 emission.
  • All coffee grounds are locally resourced which results in savings on transport and energy.
  • Kaffa is biobased and is fully biodegradable at the end of its life cycle.

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